Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We are in the business of building successful futures


Our Mission

The UCCS College of Business delivers a future-oriented business education to support workforce and economic development for southern Colorado, the state, nation, and world. We prioritize and empower learners at every stage of their educational journey, develop innovative research that contributes to scientific discovery and effective business practice, and serve as a hub for our community in productive discourse, practical learning, and social responsibility.

Core Values

  • Learners First
    • Deliver a curriculum for lifelong learning to meet the challenges of a changing business environment.
    • Leverage technology to deliver innovative and adaptable educational programs.
    • Provide a supportive, challenging, collaborative, and experiential learning environment.
  • Build Community
    • Serve as a hub connecting students, alumni, local businesses and organizations, and the broader community.
    • Engage with traditionally underrepresented groups and prioritize work that advances equity, diversity, and inclusion.
    • Cultivate a brand and culture that supports the success of all stakeholders.
  • Make a Difference
    • Produce high‐quality, impactful research.
    • Pursue competitive and collaborative opportunities that further our mission.
    • Emphasize principle‐based, ethical decision‐making and societal impact in our programs.

Strategic Plan


Download the PDF here: Strategic Plan Summary.pdf

Our Promise

We will provide an inspiring and collaborative learning and research environment which rewards those who interact, aspire and challenge themselves, and positively impacts our community and stakeholders through engagement, innovation and application.