Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We are in the business of building successful futures


Our Mission

As a College of Business serving Southern Colorado and beyond we provide a vibrant, challenging, collaborative and responsive learning environment. We offer comprehensive undergraduate degrees, select master's degrees and professional programs that emphasize principle-based ethical decision making. We support innovation and impact in our teaching, research and service.

We realize our mission by:

  1. Offering small, engaging classes that promote faculty-student interaction
  2. Providing internship, mentorship and career development opportunities
  3. Producing intellectual contributions that impact the theory, practice and teaching of business
  4. Creating collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with our campus, alumni, business community and international partners

Our Values

  • Student Success

    Paramount to everything we do and one of the keys to our uniqueness and success is our dedication to helping students succeed in our programs and in their careers.

  • Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism

    We believe that things worth doing are worth doing right with the highest ethical standards.

  • Innovation

    We want to encourage and be known for innovative thinking, practices and programs.

  • Building Relationships

    We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships and teamwork with all of our stakeholders.

Our Promise

We will provide an inspiring and collaborative learning and research environment which rewards those who interact, aspire and challenge themselves, and positively impacts our community and stakeholders through engagement, innovation and application.