Space Cyber Policy

Space Cyber Policy

Advancement. Education. Engagement.

The mission of the Space Cyber Policy group is to address cyber policy related challenges in the space industry. The group will be dedicated to pursuing cross-disciplinary research and education to advance space cyber policy. Our efforts are to serve as a platform to engage community of scholars, industry and government agencies in meaningful activities culminating in studying space cyber policy, cybersecurity and business issues.

Postdoctoral Research

We are positioned to support postdoctoral researchers who are interested in studying space cyber policy issues. We encourage projects emphasizing cross-disciplinary research work. At UCCS College of Business, you have the opportunity to work with National Cybersecurity Center and Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) to conduct research projects. You may also leverage presence of 250 aerospace and defense companies (including missile defense), and key national defense commands in Colorado Springs. UCCS is the lead university in the Space Education Consortium, and member of the Colorado Space Coalition.

Aerospace & Defense at Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is considered to be a national epicenter for the aerospace and defense industries. A large segment of this industry is dedicated to the development and operation of various projects for missile defense. Some of the world’s most advanced technologies in global positioning, cybersecurity and satellite communications are housed in Colorado Springs.



  • Project 1: Develop University Cluster Focused on Space Cyber Policy

    This project aims to facilitate research collaboration among institution members and establish an exchange program for researchers and graduate students.

  • Project 2: Deregulating Space Industry

    This project focuses on exploring issues and challenges associated with deregulating space industry with special attention to cyber policy aspects.

  • Project 3: Cybersecurity in Space Public Policy

    This project aims to explore the critical role of cybersecurity in space public policy. We explore the nature of cybersecurity as a dual-use technology with significant positive and severe negative consequences and its impact on space industry.

  • Project 4: Industry White Papers

    This project intends to develop white papers focused on addressing industry challenges in space policy arena.

  • Project 5: Role of Cybersecurity Vulnerability Lab in Cyber Threat Information Sharing and Analysis

    This project aims to facilitate student projects on developing use cases along with teaching cases for Cybersecurity Vulnerability Lab.

  • Project 6: Space Cyber Policy Roundtable Forum

    Create roundtable forum to bring together executives to discuss cyber policy challenges in space organizations.




Please contact Dr. G. Tejay ( for more information on how to get involved in any of our projects.