UCCS Economic Forum Fellowship

UCCS Economic Forum Fellowship Program

UCCS Economic Forum Fellowship Program

The UCCS Economic Forum Fellowship connects College of Business students to the leading source of unbiased and rigorous information for the Pikes Peak region as well as a dynamic network of local business owners and community leaders in economic development. Fellows will have the opportunity to better understand the economic health of the Pikes Peak Region, the economic trends occurring nationally, statewide, and in our community, and the impact of these trends on individuals, businesses, and government.

For more information on the Forum, a student can see articles, media clips, and publications at the link below.


Fellowship Opportunity

Fellows will engage with the UCCS Economic Forum's most active supporters. Fellows will participate in monthly UCCS Economic Forum Planning meetings, attend and participate in the annual UCCS Economic Forum and participate in workforce development meetings. Students admitted will also have access to a network of business owners and community leaders.


Fellowship recipients (two awards available) will be awarded a $7,500 grant for one academic year. Awarded students will receive $3,750 at the beginning of the fall semester and the remaining $3,750 at the beginning of the spring semester.

Application & Dates

Interested students who have submitted a strong application and statement of consideration will be contacted by July 15th for an interview. Final decisions on two award recipients will be made by July 31st.

UCCS Economic Forum Fellowship Application:
Apply now to be considered for a $7500 Fellowship Award