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Executive & Professional Coaching



Executive & Professional coaching is available for your organization through UCCS College of Business' Office of Professional & Executive Development. 



Professional & Executive coaching is equipping business professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to fully develop themselves in order to achieve their professional goals. Whether that is by means of creating awareness, facilitating, learning, or generating new actions and self-accountability. Coaching focuses on improving performance, by developing new sustainable personal attitudes, goals and behaviors. 


Your Coaching

Executive Coaching Involves

Executive Coaching can often involve the following: 

  • Gathering information for constructive feedback
  • Understanding and identifying opportunities for development
  • Learning from gathered feedback and applying goal setting or action plans
  • Constructing and expanding analytical awareness
  • Continued support and encouragement over coaching period
  • Monitored progress 
  • Accountability for goals or action plans

The Coaching Process

  1. Preliminary conversations and assessment of needs and goals.
  2. Determination and presentation of possible matches for coaches.
  3. Selection, interviews and matching with an executive coach.
  4. Launch of coaching sessions for an estimated time-frame.

What Coaching is not:

  • Making decisions, giving advice, telling or teaching
  • Training, consulting, therapy or counseling
  • Performance management
  • Mentoring
  • Focused on “fixing” a person, correcting mistakes or problem behaviors

Ideal Candidates

UCCS coaching engagements typically involve high-level leaders, middle managers
and senior-level directors and managers. However, our coaches are experienced and
equipped to work with any level of leader. Ideal coaching candidates include:

  • Executives
  • Vice Presidents
  • Senior Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Leaders

Note: Coaching candidates must be willing to participate in the coaching process


UCCS Executive Coaching | Timing:

Typically, executive and leadership coaching engagements are between 6–8 months in duration. However, coaching engagements can be from 2–12 months. The coach and the client will discuss needs and goals, and the coach will recommend a number of sessions and/or a duration of time to reach goals and monitor results.

The duration and number of sessions is ongoing, meaning that the client can request additional coaching sessions on an as-needed basis.

UCCS Executive Coaching | Contract & terms:

Since coaching engagements are on-demand and can be requested on an as-needed basis, the contract for coaching engagements will reflect a time-frame for services.

Sessions will be billed at an hourly rate, and invoices will be sent to the client on a monthly basis for sessions completed.


Starting the Conversation

To confidentially discuss UCCS Executive & Leadership Coaching, contact:

  • Shawna Lippert, MBA
    Director, Executive & Professional Development
    UCCS College of Business
    O: 719-255-5215 | E: slippert@uccs.edu