R.O.A.R. Program Advisory Board


R.O.A.R. Program Advisory Board

Board Members

  1. Ben Ahlman

    Rocky Mountain Division Manager, CED

  2. Elizabeth Behnke

    HR Coordinator, Stockman Kast Ryan

  3. Katie Burns

    Principal Program Coordinator for College of Business Alumni Relations & Mentorship, UCCS

  4. Alyssa Carey, MA '16

    Assistant District Manager, Farmers Insurance

  5. Dana Hagood

    Executive Director, Human Resources at USAA

  6. Katie Harris

    Director of Undergraduate Programs at UCCS

  7. Jacob Hischke

    Manager, All-Phase Electric-CED

  8. Aikta Marcoulier

    Executive Director, Small Business Development Center

  9. Rashell McCann

    Director of Academic Programs, UCCS

  10. John Milliman

    Professor of Management & Organization, UCCS

  11. Susan Nakai, MBA '05

    Head of Individual Investors Services and Operations (VP), T. Rowe Price

  12. Scott Pann, MBA '99

    Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management

  13. Mark Paquette

    Principal Program Coordinator for College of Business Career Development Center, UCCS

  14. Heidi Shirts

    Recruiter, Ent Credit Union

  15. Meghan Stidd, BS '04

    Assistant Dean for External Relations, UCCS

  16. Toni Vaughn, BA' 08

    Young Adult Coach, Speaker, Consultant