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Cyber threats and attacks are happening daily. Defend and protect against cyber threats with a career in Cybersecurity Management.

What can I study in Cybersecurity?

  • Bachelor's of Science in Business

    Learn core business knowledge and prepare for a career in cybersecurity across diverse industry sectors including finance, healthcare, government and defense. The Cybersecurity Management emphasis will train you for entry level and mid-level cybersecurity roles and you will develop necessary skills and competencies to handle day-to-day cybersecurity operations and program in organizations.

  • Masters of Business Administration

    The Cybersecurity Management emphasis will provide you with foundations in fundamental business disciplines along with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity concepts and technologies. This area of emphasis will enhance your understanding of complexities involved with the adoption of security technologies, achieving regulatory compliance and implementing cybersecurity programs to mitigate risks and secure information assets. Overall, the program will enable professionals to effectively govern cybersecurity in an organization.

  • Executive Doctor of Business Administration

    The Executive DBA is a 3.5 year, part-time program designed for senior leaders in information security, information technology, compliance or auditing who strive to move into executive or corporate-level positions in their business, organization or agency. This interdisciplinary program aims to develop ethical cybersecurity leaders who can improve cybersecurity practice globally through applied, evidence-based analysis and rigorous evaluation of complex issues in play.

  • Graduate Business Certificate

    In today's fast-paced world, individuals frequently find themselves in new positions that require additional or updated education. Whether you already have an MBA and want to broaden your background in a specific field, are interested in taking courses in a focused area or are interested in a starting point for an MBA, the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management may be the perfect solution for you. Graduate certificate courses are taught by full-time, doctoral qualified faculty.

  • Colorado Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (C-CAP)

    The Colorado Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, also known as C-CAP, provides aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the academic and skills-based knowledge required to earn mid-level and advance-level cybersecurity positions. Through a series of industry-aligned college courses, boot camps and on-the-job training, apprentices will be fully equipped to succeed in one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation. Concurrently, cybersecurity organizations will benefit from a steady pipeline of highly-skilled workforce talent, allowing employers to sufficiently recruit, train and retain the top cybersecurity professionals.

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