Cybersecurity Management Emphasis

Cybersecurity Management Emphasis

Business, BS

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

120 Credits

About the Program

Cybersecurity Management Emphasis

The Cybersecurity Management emphasis is designed to meet the increasing employer demand for cybersecurity professionals to protect corporate IT assets.

The program prepares students for a career in cybersecurity across diverse industry sectors to achieve entry-level and mid-level cybersecurity roles as a cybersecurity analyst, risk analyst, cybersecurity consultant, or IT Auditor.

Focus of Study

The Cybersecurity Management emphasis gives students the knowledge to defend and protect against cyber threats and enables students to develop the skills and competencies necessary to handle day-to-day cybersecurity operations in an organization.

Program Requirements

Each candidate for the Bachelor of Science-Business degree in the Professional Program must complete the prescribed courses in an area of emphasis comprising a minimum of 18 - 24 semester hours taken at UCCS in addition to the required courses in the Business degree.

To earn a professional area of emphasis, a grade point average of 2.5 is required for the area of emphasis courses, with no grade below a C-; a 2.5 cumulative GPA is required for all business courses; and a 2.0 GPA is required overall. Students who graduate with an area of emphasis and/or business grade point averages from 2.0 to 2.49 will not earn an area of emphasis. All attempts of emphasis courses will be calculated into a student's GPA.

By completing extra courses, a student can earn a second area of emphasis. To earn a double area of emphasis, a student must fulfill all the requirements for both areas. If there are not at least 15 hours of unique courses in the areas, then the student cannot earn a double area of emphasis.

For details on degree requirements, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Program Coursework


Complete all of the following courses:

  • INFS 3070: Business Programming Fundamentals
  • INFS 3500: Introduction to Cybersecurity Technologies
  • INFS 3700: Computer Networks and Telecommunications
  • INFS 3750: Organizational Cybersecurity
  • CYSM 4100: IT Risk Management 
  • CYSM 4300: IT Security Auditing

Complete two of the following courses:

  • CYSM 4500: Ethical Hacking
  • CYSM 4700: Cloud Computing and Security
  • INFS 3100: Agile Software Development OR OPTM 3390: Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage
  • INFS 4700: Advanced Networking Topics
  • An Approved Security Elective


For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Details

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