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Bachelor of Science in Business Transfer Requirements

  1. Prerequisites

    Outlined below are the 60 prerequisite credits you will need to have completed prior to enrolling in the 8-week, fully online, BS in Business completion program at the UCCS College of Business: 

    *All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted

    • Gateway Program Seminar (GPS 1010) 
    • Open Elective Course (1 credit) 
    • Managerial Accounting (ACCT 2020) 
    • Explore – Arts, Humanities and Culture  
    • Explore – Physical & Natural World Course (4 credits)                 
    • Writing Intensive or Open Elective Course 
    • Open Elective Courses (12 credits total) 
    • Calculus for Business & Economics (MATH 1120) 
    • Financial Accounting (ACCT 2010)                     
    • Business Law (BLAW 2000)                              
    • Comm in Workplace or Public Speaking (COMM 2010 or COMM 2100) 
    • Business Statistics (QUAN 2010)                         
    • Rhetoric & Writing I (ENGL 1310) 
    • Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 1010)     
    • College Algebra (MATH 1040, 4 credits)                                             
    • Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 2020) 
    • Business and Administrative Writing (TCID 2080) 


Other Requirements

  • In addition to having the appropriate prerequisites, you will need to meet the undergraduate admission requirements for the UCCS College of Business. All transfer students need the following to be admitted into the UCCS College of Business: 

    • a 3.0 cumulative transfer GPA 
    • a C or higher in College Algebra (MATH 1040) 
    • a C or higher in Rhetoric & Writing I (ENGL 1310 or Equivalent) 

    Each transfer student receives a personalized transfer credit evaluation to determine how your credits can be applied towards your degree.