Sport Management Inquiry Confirmation

Thank your for your interest in the Sport Management Program!

Someone will be in touch with you shortly with more information. In the meantime, read our frequently asked questions about the Sport Management Program at the UCCS College of Business! 


Why choose the Sport Management program at UCCS?
What is Sport Management?
What are some examples of internship placement sites available through the program?
What are the admission requirements for the program?
Do I need to be a prior or current athlete to qualify for the program?
Are current athletes able to succeed in both the classroom and on the field in this program?
I see your school is accredited. Why is that important? Don't all business schools have accreditation?
I'm thinking of taking my first two years of college at a community college and then transferring in to your program. Would this be okay?
How do you assign internships?
What if I come up with my own internship? Is that okay?