Engage with Ethics - April 2020

UCCS Students, Faculty and Staff: 

Working and studying remotely is becoming the norm for many of us. Throughout this transition, we have been pleased with the engagement in ethics at UCCS. We had a record number of students entering the ethics essay contest this year.

“Crisis is a test of character; who we are gets magnified before a global audience,” Ethics Resource Center, 2011.

This quote brings attention to the role of ethics during a crisis. During the current pandemic, good and bad examples of ethical leadership are clear. We may ask, what is an ethical leader? How can I show ethical leadership?

Ethical leaders voices values, they are accountable for their actions and coach others to make ethical decisions. Ethical leaders exhibit integrity and strong moral character. They are altruistic and demonstrate respect for others. Ethical leaders promotes team or organizational interests over those that are self-serving.

To speak up and follow ethical standards takes moral courage and commitment to moral principles. At UCCS, the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI) Collegiate Program offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn and show ethical leadership following the DFEI Principles. We have several upcoming opportunities:

  • The Campus Being a Difference Award recognizes one student and one educator for their ethical leadership at UCCS. Nominate today.
  • The Student Center for Public Trust (SCPT) at UCCS is part of a national network of college students who show a commitment to ethical leadership. The UCCS chapter provides all students from all majors with opportunities to take part in training sessions, conferences, community service and business ethics competitions.
  • Students can apply to be a DFEI Student Ethics Ambassador and earn $1,000/semester.
  • Faculty and Staff can apply to be a UCCS DFEI Fellow (Ethics Fellow).

Do you have other ideas to encourage ethical leadership at UCCS? Send me an email at DFEI@uccs.edu.


Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, PhD
Director, Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS
Professor, Marketing & International Business