International Business Emphasis

International Business Emphasis

In an interconnected world, most industries are global.

Having a 360 degree understanding of international issues, competition and business practices is a prerequisite in the 21st century. There are a number of new and dynamic events and processes that influence the world economic, cultural and political arenas. It is essential that managers understand the implications of these changes. This area of emphasis addresses these issues and introduces students to the challenges and basic skills required for effective international business management.

Why study international business at UCCS?

  1. AACSB Accredited

    The UCCS College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB) which ensures your professors, classes and fellow students are of the highest quality. Only 5% of business schools worldwide have achieved this distinction.

  2. Exceptional Faculty

    Our leading instructors are nationally and internationally recognized for their research and instruction. Receive personalized guidance from professors with real-world experience in their field. 

  3. Ethical Curriculum

    The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at UCCS instills principle-based ethics education throughout the business school, resulting in a high standard of ethics in our students and graduates.

  4. Global Perspectives

    The College of Business incorporates international business cases into the curriculum to ensure you are prepared for cross-cultural and international business opportunities. For those who wish to study abroad, the College of Business maintains partnerships with business schools across the world.

  5. Community Support

    UCCS offers various ways to connect and engage across campus. The College of Business sponsors several business-oriented clubs and organizations.

  6. Real-World Experience

    The College of Business houses its own Career Development Center, dedicated to providing business students with assistance in career development, internship opportunities and job placement. 

International Business Courses

  • International Business

    This course provides an introduction to international business and examines legal, political, economic and cultural factors affecting international business operations. The class utilizes contemporary issues to discuss major aspects of business planning, organization and control in an international context.

  • International Trade and Financial Management

    This course provides a hands-on exploration of the fundamentals of international trade and finance and explores the history and institutions of international trade including trade theory, financial exchange, the determination of exchange rates, the basics of exchange rate derivative products, the management of foreign exchange in international business and the interaction of tax policy with business location and transfer pricing decision.

  • International Management

    This course provides an overview of management and human resources issues related to international markets. Major topics covered include organizing operations, decision making and controlling, motivation and leadership across cultures, international labor relations, human resource selection and repatriation and human development across cultures.

  • International Marketing

    This course provides an overview of marketing issues related to international markets. Major topics covered include a description of major world markets, market analysis including cultural and political assessment, target market selection, market entry modes, marketing strategy, program management and implementation issues.

  • International Business Seminars: Europe, Asia or Southeast Asia

    Short-term study abroad. A series of international business seminars conducted abroad by management personnel of European companies. Insight is provided into the cultural, social and political environments of each country visited. This is an intensive international business and travel experience. Optional course. 

  • Intercultural and Global Communication

    This course provides an experiential examination of the philosophy, process, problems and potentials unique to communication across cultural boundaries. Implications for personal and social innovations. Comparative study in communication in selected cultures. Optional course. 

  • International Political Economy

    This course provides an overview of the world political economy, especially in the post-WWII period. The central goal of the course is to provide information and develop analytical tools necessary for you to grasp the political issues inherent in international economic relations. Optional course. 


  • International Economics

    This course provides an analysis of the basis for and consequences of opening an economy to the international arena. Specific issues considered are the benefits and costs of international trade, the reason for barriers to trade, the determination of exchange rates and the effect of government policies of international goods and factor flows. Optional course. 

  • International Financial Management

    This course examines the opportunities and risks of firms doing business in a global economy. Subjects include international capital movements, balance of payment problems, foreign and international institutions, foreign exchange markets, managing foreign exchange risk and exposure and global investment and financing strategies. Optional course. 

  • Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management

    This course examines the key competencies and practices that are required for HR professionals to be effective in organizations. Topics include HR strategies and structures, ethical foundations for HR, an HR professional's role in business partnering with internal organizational clients, business management for attaining organizational goals, consultation and facilitation skills, HR Technology and HR data reporting and analysis. Optional course. 

  • Improving Personal and Team Creativity

    This course covers the concepts and theories of creativity but devotes most of the course time to specific, proven approaches to unlock and surface the student’s innate creativity. Examples of creative approaches in business and industry are illustrated. Both individual and group creativity techniques are reviewed and practiced, with emphasis on how to form a creative work team. Optional course. 

  • International Politics

    This course covers the system of national states, concepts of national interest, goals of foreign policies, conduct of diplomacy, the role of non-state actors and the bearing of these elements on the problem of peace. Great powers and regions of the earth in international politics today, their roles in international tensions and the development of international relations theory. Optional course. 

  • International Law

    A survey of public international law with special emphasis on source of international law and instruments for adjudication as well as on international treaties and the rules of land and sea warfare. Optional course. 

  • Globalization and Development

    This course provides a multi-level examination of globalization, investigating the forces that influence this phenomenon and their effects on people, societies and the world at large. Optional course. 

Potential Careers

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Logistics Manager




Management Analyst




Marketing Manager




Business Analytics Manager




Banking Manager




Recruitment Consultant




Compliance Officer




Public Affairs Consultant




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International Business Faculty Spotlight
Carol Finnegan, Ph.D.
Over a ten year period, Dr. Carol Finnegan lived in seven countries and worked in an additional four countries on more than a dozen projects, including work on successful proposal teams that won access to government contracts, totaling in the tens of millions. Within the international development consulting industry, she conducted industry and sector analyses, provided private sector clients with business development advice and public sector clients with research, training, implementation and policy analyses support.

What Our Students Are Saying

Alicia Nash
International Business, Class of 2016
"My time at UCCS prepared me for an exciting career more thoroughly than I could ever have realized while I was still in school. Not only did I receive a first-rate, well-rounded business education, the cultural awareness I gained from the international aspect of my degree plan opened countless new doors along my career path. The College of Business also supplied many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, including the Career Coaching Program, which has been immeasurably useful as I begin my career."
Harjap Toor
International Business, Class of 2019
"I chose to study International Business because I love to learn about other cultures around the world. I want to not only travel around the globe but also to make connections with other people from different countries. I wanted to study in another country for my major and it was a great way to gain perspective of other countries around the world."