Marketing Emphasis

Marketing Emphasis

Create and deliver value to consumers.

Blend the art and science of business communication to create and deliver value to consumers with a rewarding and fun career as a marketing professional. Marketing is a vital ingredient in an organization's formula for success in effecting mutually beneficial exchanges between buyers and sellers. Because marketing is a synthesis of a wide variety of disciplines, including management, economics, psychology, statistics and sociology, marketing classes tend to attract students that excel in creative areas, problem-solving capabilities and strategic thinking.

Why study Marketing at UCCS?

  1. AACSB Accredited

    The UCCS College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB) which ensures your professors, classes and fellow students are of the highest quality. Only 5% of business schools worldwide have achieved this distinction.

  2. Exceptional Faculty

    Our leading instructors are nationally and internationally recognized for their research and instruction. Receive personalized guidance from professors with real-world experience in their field. 

  3. Ethical Curriculum

    The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS instills principle-based ethics education throughout the business school, resulting in a high standard of ethics in our students and graduates.

  4. Community Support

    UCCS offers a various ways to connect and engage across campus. The College of Business sponsors several business-oriented clubs and organizations, including the Marketing Club.

  5. Real-World Experience

    The College of Business houses its own Career Development Center, dedicated to provide business students with assistance in career development, internship opportunities and job placement upon graduation. 

  6. Global Perspectives

    The College of Business incorporates international business cases into the curriculum to ensure you are prepared for cross-cultural and international business opportunities. For those who wish to study abroad, the College of Business maintains partnerships with business schools across the world.

Marketing Courses

  • Marketing Research

    This course emphasizes marketing research as a decision-making tool for marketing managers. A variety of methodologies is explored. Course project provides students with hands-on experience in planning an investigation, data collection design, sampling, experimentation, interpretation of results and report preparation.

  • Promotion Management and Strategy

    This course emphasizes the coordinated usage of the promotions mix elements in order to synergize marketing efforts. Topics include advertising, direct marketing, internet and interactive marketing, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling. The impact of buyer behavior on promotional strategy is examined and several communication models are analyzed.

  • Marketing Planning and Strategies

    This course provides detailed consideration of the process of formulating and implementing marketing policies. Major emphasis on market analysis, product/brand management, promotion, distribution and pricing. Case analyses used to develop analytical abilities and to integrate all major areas of marketing.

  • Personal Selling and Sales Management

    This course focuses on the development of effective personal selling skills. The relationship between personal selling and the other elements of marketing strategy are analyzed. Concepts from the behavioral sciences are explored to show their application in sales situations including the psychology of selling and the importance of relationship building. Attention is focused on the development and demonstration of effective sales presentation techniques for retail, business-to-business, services and nonprofit selling. Each step in the selling process (the pre-approach, the approach and presentation, an analysis of possible objections, the closing and follow-up) will be extensively analyzed, discussed and applied.

  • Brand Management

    Brand management focuses on understanding the concepts associated with building customer-based brand equity and managing brand identity and positioning. This course will analyze all aspects of a brands and brand management. The course concepts apply to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. While brand managers are responsible for sales and profitability for their brands, they are also entrusted with building brand equity and value over time. Students will learn how organizations create a competitive advantage by incorporating consumer insight into an effective branding strategy.

  • Service Management and Marketing

    This course builds and expands on the introductory marketing course by showing adaptations and applications of marketing ideas to the service setting. The service component of business requires a distinctive approach to marketing strategy both in development and execution. In addition, quality service cannot be delivered without understanding and developing the organizational and human resources of the firm. Designed for those students who are interested in working in either traditional service industries or in the service areas of manufacturing industries.

  • Retailing Strategy

    This course prepares students to manage a successful retailing operation. Topics include retail strategy, marketing, finance, store operations, human resource management, buying and supply chain issues.

  • Sport Marketing

    This course focuses on the two primary components of sports marketing: (1) the marketing of sport and (2) the use of sport as a marketing tool for other products and services (i.e. sponsorship). The marketing of sport component gives attention to the various techniques and strategies used to market sport products, services, events and experiences. The first part of the class will work toward the preparation of a sport marketing strategy. The marketing through sport section will examine the core concepts, objectives and components of partnership marketing (and sports sponsorship as a central part of this) and will ultimately work toward to presentation of a sport sponsorship proposal.

  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing

    This course provides a comprehensive review of one or more marketing issues. The topics vary between semesters. Course uses a seminar format allowing in-depth discussion and exploration of topics.

  • Business to Business Marketing

    This course examines the major differences between business-to-business marketing and consumer marketing. Implications of these differences to the practice of marketing management are discussed. Special emphasis on the importance of customer relationships, personal selling and sales management.

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

    This course provides a foundation and introduction into the strategy and tactics required for marketing in digital environments. The course focuses on key aspects of digital marketing currently used by professionals with particular attention given to the newest tools and techniques. Students apply concepts on a final project for real-world application in one of the most quickly changing business landscapes.

  • International Marketing

    This course provides an overview of marketing issues related to international markets. Major topics covered are description of major world markets, market analysis including cultural and political assessment, target market selection, market entry modes, marketing strategy, program management and implementation issues.

Potential Careers

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Brand Manager




Event Planner




Fundraiser Director




Market Research Analyst




Media Planner




Public Relations Representative




Sales Representative




Social Media Manager




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What Our Students Are Saying

Elisa Orrill
Marketing, Class of 2019
"I love all the resources the school offers. In the school of the business, you have the Career Development Center and the Career Coaching Program. I have been able to take advantage of both and they have been so helpful! I was hired at MilHousing Network last fall as a marketing intern. After the internship ended, they offered me a part-time paid position while I finish up my last semester and have offered me a full-time marketing job for after I graduate. I have been able to learn so much working for them and my understanding of digital marketing expanded substantially."
Amanda Blough
Marketing, Class of 2011
"I liked the small class sizes and instructors who were professionals in their industry. Those instructors were able to bring real world experience to the classroom, which gave me the opportunity to learn from their knowledge. One professor who was also at the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center took me under his wing and connected me with a lot of community leaders - he set me up for success. A lot of my professors actually did that. They seemed to have an interest in my career that went beyond the classroom."