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Clubs & Organizations

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There are hundreds of student clubs and organizations across campus. UCCS Student Life provides various ways to connect and engage with your peers, including student activities, fraternities and sororities, volunteer opportunities, leadership programs and more. 

The College of Business also sponsors several business-oriented clubs and organizations.

Business Clubs & Organizations

  • Accounting Honor Society

    The logo of the Accounting Honor Society

    The Accounting Honor Society is an honorary and professional organization for students of accountancy.  Its stated purpose includes recognition of outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, promotion of the study and practice of accounting, provision of opportunities for self-development and association among members, and encouragement of a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.  The organization seeks to develop its members' professionalism through career-oriented, social, and community activities.

  • Adam Smith Society

    Adam Smith Society

    The Adam Smith Society is an expansive, chapter-based network of MBA students, professionals, and business leaders who work to promote debate and discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.  They have events throughout the year including bringing guest speakers to campus and are hosting their national conference in New York City

  • Beta Gamma Sigma

    Beta Gamma Sigma logo

    Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society for business programs accredited by AACSB International. Membership is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate or master's program at a school accredited by AACSB International.

    This means that through your academic achievements, you have earned the right to include yourself among our expanding network of business and management professionals. Do CEOs, CFOs, presidents, Deans, faculty members and professional staff at the world's most prestigious colleges and universities mean something to you

     Benefits include:

    • Lifetime recognition
    • Alumni networking
    • Scholarship programs
    • Student Leadership Forum
    • Beta-Link On-Line Community
    • Lifelong Learning through BGS publications

    Membership Guidelines

    Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest international recognition you can receive. Of the 1,400 U.S. institutions with degree programs in business, less than 380 are accredited by AACSB International and have chapters of Beta Gamma Sigma.

    To be eligible for membership, the academic ranking of those being considered must place them in the upper seven percent of the junior class, upper ten percent of the senior class, or upper twenty percent of the graduating master's class. While almost 300,000 students receive bachelor's or master's degrees in business in the U.S. each year, only about 19,000 students are elected to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma.

    There is no application form for this prestigious honor. Just keep doing what you are doing well and you may be invited to join!

  • Delta Sigma Pi (Mu Chi Chapter)

    The logo of Delta Sigma Pi

    Delta Sigma Pi is a professional, co-ed fraternity open to all business and economics students, of any standing or emphasis. Through this organization, members will meet others with similar interests, strengthen their networking skills, give back to the community, and prepare for the business world. Each semester, DSP sponsors many professional events like: "Marketing Yourself" workshops that cover resume and professional dressing tips, and the Career Networking Night that brings employers to the students! These activities are open to all UCCS students and help our students stand-out when applying for jobs and internships.   

    Learn more by visiting the official fraternity website.

  • Finance Club

    UCCS Finance Club

    The mission of the Finance Club is to provide a resource for current students to successfully pursue careers in finance and finance related fields. The club seeks to fulfill its role to our members by developing not only technical skills needed in the field, but also to develop our members socially and academically. As a club, we will strive to give our members the tools they will need to lead successful lives as finance professionals. Our goal as the UCCS Finance Club is to:

    • Increase the skill set of the members to become better candidates in their future careers
    • Foster community partnerships with the financial industry in town
    • Provide access to alumni, guest speakers, and networking events for a further knowledge of the industry
    • Help creating networking opportunities in order to help our members find internships and career opportunities
    • Develop the necessary professional skills through workshops and interview preparation for the financial industry. 

    You can find more about the club and all of our upcoming events on our Facebook page or on Mountain Lion Connect.

  • Management Club

    UCCS College of Business Management Club

    The Management Club's goal is to provide further management education beyond what is seen in a traditional classroom setting. We offer opportunities for career and management skill development. Club members and the broader UCCS student community are welcome to our events.

    Contact info:

  • Marketing Club

    UCCS Marketing Club

    UCCS AMA - The UCCS American Marketing Association is a growing campus club that is focused on fostering connections on and off campus through AMA and community events, learning relevant skills and job smarts from experienced professionals,  and being involved in projects giving students direct experience in marketing. Anyone is welcome to attend events and meetings, and AMA membership is available to those who want to become more active members in this valuable network.

  • Society for Human Resource Management

    The logo of the Society for Human Resource Management

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the leading voice of the human resource profession, representing the interests of over 60,000 professional and 6,000 student members around the world.

    SHRM provides its members with educational and informational services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, and publications that equip human resource professionals for their roles as leaders and decision-makers within their organizations. The society is a founding member and Secretariat of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA), which links human resource associations in 55 nations.

    As a national student member of the society, you will learn about the "real world" of human resource management (HRM) through award-winning publications and educational opportunities. Join one of over 300 student chapters located at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Participate in activities that will build your knowledge of the HR field while developing valuable leadership and organizational skills. Through interaction with local HR professionals, you will make contacts today that could help you find a job tomorrow.

    Sound interesting?  If you are a Human Resources major, then it should. SHRM has over two dozen listed benefits and services for its members, including:

    • Information resources
    • Networking opportunities
    • Scholarships
    • International Access
  • Sport Management Activities Committee (SMAC)

    We are a club specifically for Sport Management students. We host various events throughout the school year for students including contests  with rewards such as t-shirts and free food. As a club in the College of Business at UCCS, our mission is to build a strong network between sport management students and the community. Our goal is to help sport management students maintain the required GPA as well as be successful and professional in the business environment. Check out our latest activities on our Facebook page.

  • Student Center for Public Trust

    The Student Center for Public Trust (StudentCPT) at UCCS is part of a national network of college students who demonstrate a commitment to ethical leadership. The UCCS chapter provides all students from all majors with opportunities to participate in training sessions, conferences, community service and business ethics competitions.

    Our chapter is supported by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS and the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT), which has staff and resources available to help our chapter maximize its effectiveness. The UCCS StudentCPT board works to create opportunities for students to network with the business community and learn how to use their involvement to enhance marketing themselves in the job market after graduation.

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UCCS clubs and organizations are student-founded and student-run. If there is a club you are interested in that does not exist yet, you can start it! Contact the UCCS Student Life to learn more about the process.