SCPT Being A Difference Award

Call For Nominations

About the Award

The NASBA Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) provides an interactive environment where ethical business behaviors and ideas can flourish on college campuses. Each school year, the StudentCPT will honor one student and one faculty member on each chapter’s campus who positively impact the school by displaying strong, ethical leadership. Campus Being a Difference Award recipients do not simply aspire to make a difference – they are Being a Difference on their campus and other endeavors by embodying the very best in ethical behavior, integrity, and leadership.

Nominations for the 2023 Campus Being a Difference Award are due March 26th by 11:59PM!


Nominees will be considered on the following criteria:
  • Is either a student currently enrolled in classes on campus, or holds any faculty position on campus.
  • Has shown exemplary conduct with students, faculty and the community.
  • Has taken the lead or provided significant support to ethical practices or programs on campus.
  • Exhibits personal values and actions that demonstrate integrity and ethics.
  • Has faced a recent challenge and overcome it with integrity, or taken other recent steps to show commitment to ethics.
  • Has taken the lead or supported efforts emphasizing strong ethics and leadership development.

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