Celebrating 50 Years with Dr. Warrick

For over 50 years, Dr. Don Warrick has dedicated his life to building successful futures.

Join us in recognizing the Warrick legacy at UCCS. 


50 Years
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Many people search a lifetime for their dream career. For Don Warrick, his dream career began 50 years ago on February 26, 1971 at a small, modest campus in Colorado Springs.
Student Impact

“Over the years, I’ve just developed a love for students where I just really consider it an honor to be in the classroom where I can influence lives." - Dr. Warrick

Dan Malinaric, MBA '06
Vice President of Fab 4 Operations at Microchip Technology Inc.
Congratulations for 50 years at UCCS! That is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for being such an amazing man, a great husband, an inspiring professor and an outstanding personal coach. I remember so many things from your classes - going to your home to play games and build relationships, writing an obituary to learn what is really important and mapping out how my time was really spent versus my espoused values. The biggest lesson was that great teams had outstanding results with that special team chemistry that set them apart. We did not have to settle for one or the other. More than anything you inspired me to be a better leader AND a better person. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and leaving a legacy of what a principled leader looks like. Congratulations!
Rajshri Vispute, MBA '20
IT Manager at FedEx. SPC
Congratulations on this great milestone! I still remember my first class with you and what I learned from you that day. I learned not only about change management, but I also learned to care for others when you brought homemade dinner for all of us. You exemplified strong leadership through your journey, experiences, and different examples you came across in your leadership journey. Learning leadership during your classes was always enjoyable and made me fascinated about becoming a better leader. I have written down your 7 tips to guide life with joy and happiness in bold letters. I always keep them in front of me which reminds me of what I can do to be a better person and be my best self in any situation. Thank you for everything you have offered to me. I wish you all the best. Please keep building the leaders of tomorrow!