2020 Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award

2020 Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award

2020 Honorees - Phil & Ann Winslow

In one of the first large-scale events since March 2020, UCCS honored business leaders and philanthropists Phil and Ann Winslow with the 2021 UCCS College of Business Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award at the Ent Center for the Arts.

BMW is an international brand, but to Colorado Springs’ residents, Winslow BMW is a family-owned business that is characterized by loyalty and quality. With a 60-year legacy of entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Colorado Springs, the Winslows have not just been integral to the automobile industry of the region, but have also made a mark on the Colorado Springs community.

Notably, the Winslows have been strong supporters of UCCS student scholarships. Over the past four decades, they have made significant contributions to the Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment, which supports women who are starting or returning to college after overcoming significant personal adversity, and the Reach Your Peak scholarship, which supports middle-income students who require financial assistance to make their education possible. They have also supported college-level scholarships, including the Robert Knapp Scholarship in the College of Business and the John Suthers Scholarship in the School of Public Affairs.

Since 2009, the UCCS College of Business has honored entrepreneurs who have transformed the local economic landscape with the Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award. The 2021 celebration was a fundraising event supporting the UCCS College of Business Alumni Association and the newly launched College of Business R.O.A.R. Program, which connects alumni, employers and community professionals to students through career exploration, internship and mentorship.