First Stop: London and the Royal Wedding!

Picture of London


On the first day we arrived outside of London. The flight was exhausting since I got very little sleep due to my unhinged excitement, so for the first hour and a half in country I spent that time slowly moving through British customs. Overall the initial part of traveling is always the worst, but that’s just one halt of the whole adventure.

International Business Seminars London

After meeting up with Kayla Ihrig (one of our amazing International Business Seminar leaders), me and the other Colorado students went to meet up with the other students in the program. From there, we all moved on to a charter bus and made our way in to the country. After meeting our other travel companions on the bus and in the hotel lobby, we all made our way to the Metro. It was time to explore!

The London Eye

Much of my own time was spent walking around with the group of people I came to call my friends, going in and out of pubs and finally feasting on some of the best Indian food this world has to offer. Our days in London were also spent visiting our first two companies and organizations. On the third day, we met with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Lloyd’s of London Insurance Market.

International Business Seminars group in London

The most interesting part of our company visits was the fact that the Lloyd’s of London Market is known for its dealings in insurance, but the main contributor to their profits is actually the real estate that they sell within their building (plus the building itself is just insanely different).

International Business Seminars

Our trip in London was perfectly timed since the Royal Wedding was gearing up and all of the nationals were ready to watch the big event. Fortunately for me, I had never seen a Royal Wedding before, so being in London to watch the ceremony was surreal. The British take Royal Wedding celebrations so seriously (more so than watching a football match) and it was the strangest, albeit most memorable memory I have from London.


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