Research & Publications

Research & Publications


Dustin Bluhm, Journal of Vocational Behavior
Dustin Bluhm

Staying after the storm: How transformational leadership relates to follower turnover intentions in extreme contexts.

Mingming Zhou, Journal of International Money and Finance
Mingming Zhou

Short-term safety or long-term failure? Empirical evidence of the impact of securitization on bank risk.

Kimberly Zahller, Behavioral Research in Accounting
Kimberly Zaller

Using CSR Disclosure Quality to Develop Social Resilience to Exogenous Shocks: A Test of Investor Perceptions.


Dustin Bluhm, Journal of Management
Dustin Bluhm

Leader Humility and Team Performance: Exploring the Mediating Mechanisms of Team PsyCap and Task Allocation Effectiveness.

Gregory Stock, International Journal of Production Economics
Gregory Stock

Average surgeon-level volume and hospital performance.

Blaise Sonnier, The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research
Blaise Sonnier

The Consequences of Wynne and a Proposed Congressional Response.


Brian McAllister, Journal of Accountancy
Brian McAllister

Getting familiar with OPEB.

Morgan Shepherd, International Journal of Human-computer Interaction
Morgan Shepherd

Nontechnical Deterrence Effects of Mild and Severe Internet Use Policy Reminders in Reducing Employee Internet Abuse.

James Ma, International Journal of Medical Sciences
James Ma

Comorbidity Analysis According to Sex and Age in Hypertension Patients in China.


Ying Fan, International Journal of Operations and Production Management
Ying Fan

To tweet or not to tweet? Exploring the effectiveness of service recovery strategies using social media.

Gary Klein, Information and Software Technology
Gary Klein

Conflict resolution effectiveness on the implementation efficiency and achievement of business objectives in IT programs: A study of IT vendors.

Rebecca Duray, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications
Rebecca Duray

Mass customization systems: complementarities and performance consequences.


Kaitlyn DeGhetto, Long Range Planning
Kaitlyn DeGhetto

The Effects of Location and MNC Attributes on MNCs' Establishment of Foreign R&D Centers: Evidence from China.

Matt Metzger, Academy of Management Journal
Mat Metzger

Rekindling the Flame: Processes of Identity Resurrection

Robert Hirschfeld, Journal of Applied Psychology
Robert Hirschefeld

Voluntary survey completion among team members: Implications of noncompliance and missing data for multilevel research