MBA Academics & Curriculum


MBA Academics & Curriculum

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is devoted to the concepts, analytical tools, and communication skills required for competent and responsible management.  The management of an enterprise is viewed in its entirety and within its social, political, and economic environment.  The MBA provides a broad curriculum preparing you for a variety of options in launching your career.  All majors are welcome--our MBA program is designed to meet the needs of students with or without previous business education.


Two MBA Tracks

The College of Business, Graduate School of Business Administration offers two MBA tracks:

  • MBA with an emphasis area (36 credit hours):  Students may pursue a specialized MBA tailored for a specific career in mind.  Those pursuing the MBA with an emphasis will complete 24 credits of core classes and 12 credits of specialized business electives. 
  • General MBA  (30 credit hours):  Students pursuing the General MBA program will complete 24 credits of core classes and 6 credits of business electives.  Select the general emphasis on the application.

On average, working professionals enroll for 6 credits per semester (or one online course every 8-weeks) and typically take 2-1/2 years to complete the program.  Students may increase or reduce their course load to meet personal and work obligations.   Scheduling of courses allows students the flexibility to take classes on campus, fully online, or a combination of both to accelerate the completion of the MBA in as little as 18 months.

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Your MBA, Your Schedule


  • The Online MBA (8-week model) is 100% online. Students may choose the general emphasis to complete the 30 credit hour General MBA program or from 10 online emphasis areas.
  • The Evening MBA (16-week semester) is available 100% on campus; Campus courses are scheduled from 4:45 pm to 7:20 pm or 7:30 pm to 10:05 pm and meet once a week. Students may choose the general emphasis to complete the 30 credit hour General MBA program or from 8 campus emphasis areas. Students may also choose emphasis areas that are offered fully online.
  • Combine in any way!  Online students may take campus courses;  Evening MBA students may take online courses. 



Foundation Courses

Students may be required to take up to three additional foundation courses (up to 9 credits) to help develop competencies to be successful in the MBA program. Foundation courses may be waived based on prior academic work (subject to certain age and grade requirements) or through passing a waiver exam.  Students take the foundation courses once they are admitted to the MBA program.


Course Number

Course Title

ACCT 5500

Introduction to Accounting

BUAD 5500

Fundamentals of Economics

QUAN 5500

Fundamentals of Business Statistics

Grades earned for the foundation courses are not computed in the cumulative MBA GPA.



MBA Requirements


General MBA

MBA with Emphasis Area


24 Credit Hours

24 Credit Hours

Electives/Emphasis area   

6 Credit Hours

12 Credit Hours


30 Credit Hours

36 Credit Hours


MBA Core Courses

Core courses make up the heart of the MBA Program and cover areas that are directly applicable in today's business world. The concepts in the following courses are critical problem solving and decision-making skills that will define and shape your Master of Business Administration degree. All students complete the 8 core courses (24 credit hours) as part of their MBA degree. 

Course Number

Course Title

STRT 6000

Strategic Foundations for Responsible Management

ACCT 6100

Accounting for Decision Making

FNCE 6000

Corporate Financial Management

INFS 6000

Information Systems

MGMT 6000

Leading & Managing in Changing Times

MKTG 6000

Marketing Strategy

OPTM 6000

Operations: Competing Through Capabilities

STRT 6500

Strategic Management




MBA Launch Course

STRT 6000 is taken in the first semester in the MBA program or after the completion of the foundation courses.  This course is the launch course for the MBA program and focuses on preparing individuals to be responsible leaders in business and equips students with critical thinking skills and problem-solving frameworks that can be used through the MBA program. 


Emphasis Areas & General MBA

Students take  6-12 credit hours of MBA elective courses depending if they are pursuing an emphasis area (12 credits) or the General MBA (6 credits).  Students wishing to pursue the 30 credit hour General MBA program must select the general emphasis on the application. 

  • Accounting Emphasis (Campus)

    The accounting area of emphasis prepares students for accounting positions available in various industries and institutions. Students may either seek employment in the corporate or governmental arena or opt to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam if they have an interest in public accounting. Students who intend to earn the CPA certificate should refer to the State of Colorado Board of Accountancy website for detailed information and exam requirements.

    The Accounting emphasis in the MBA program requires students to complete four specialized courses (12 credits) in accounting. Students who do not have an undergraduate accounting degree take an additional five undergraduate courses in accounting.

    For students with an undergraduate degree in accounting:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    Take 1 of the following:

    ACCT 6750

    Advanced Financial Accounting

    ACCT 6010

    Seminar:  Financial Accounting Theory

    Plus 3 of the following ACCT electives:

    ACCT 6110 Advanced Managerial Accounting

    ACCT 6200

    Internal Auditing

    ACCT 6510

    Accounting Ethics & Institutions

    ACCT 6600


    ACCT 6620

    Advanced Auditing

    ACCT 6710

    Individual Income Tax

    ACCT 6720

    Corporate & Partnership Taxation

    ACCT 6730

    Accounting Information Systems

    ACCT 6740

    Accounting for Governments & Not-For-Profit Organizations

    ACCT 6770 Federal Tax Research and Planning (online)

    ACCT 6950

    Topics in Accounting - Graduate 


    Students without an undergraduate degree in Accounting also take:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    ACCT 2010

    Introduction to Financial Accounting

    ACCT 2020

    Introduction to Managerial Accounting

    ACCT 3010

    Intermediate Accounting I

    ACCT 3020

    Intermediate Accounting II

    ACCT 3110

    Cost Accounting

  • Cybersecurity Management Emphasis (Online)

    The Cybersecurity Management emphasis provides professionals with foundations in the fundamental business disciplines along with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity concepts and technologies. Data breaches and cyber threats create significant risks for organizations dependent on sensitive information. This area of emphasis will enhance students’ understanding of the complexities involved with the adoption of security technologies, achieving regulatory compliance, and implementing cybersecurity programs to mitigate risks and secure information assets. Overall, the program will enable professionals to effectively govern cybersecurity in an organization.

    The Cybersecurity Management emphasis in the MBA program requires students to complete the three courses from the list below plus one approved elective:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    CYSM 6100 (Online Only)

    Cybersecurity Technologies

    CYSM 6200 (Online Only)

    Enterprise Information Security 

    CYSM 6300 (Online Only) Cybersecurity Governance

    Approved Electives (take 1 course):

    CYSM 6400 (Online Only) Cybersecurity Law and Cybercrime Investigation
    BUAD 6150 (Online Only)

    Ethics and Compliance in Business

    Other Electives --by approval from the Department
  • Finance Emphasis (Campus & Online)

    All organizations, large and small, must effectively invest and manage their capital. The finance function is critical in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Job opportunities exist for finance graduates in almost all industries including the financial services industry and positions within the finance area of corporations. Finance graduates manage capital for large organizations and their independent business units as well as small organizations.

    The Finance emphasis in the MBA program requires students to complete three courses from the list below plus one additional MBA elective:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    FNCE 6100 (campus only)

    Problems and Policies in Financial Management

    FNCE 6200 (campus & online)

    Investment Management & Analysis

    FNCE 6400 (campus & online)

    International Financial Management

    FNCE 6500 (campus & online)

    Monetary Policy & Domestic/Global Business Cycles

  • General MBA (Campus & Online)

    The General MBA provides you with a comprehensive education that allows you to tailor your degree toward your interests in various areas of business.  Students may choose two MBA electives from any area including topics in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures, Human Resources, and more.  Online or in the classroom, the General MBA provides personalization that can meet your career goals.   

    To pursue the General MBA, select the general emphasis on the application.

    The General MBA requires students to complete two elective courses offered by the Graduate School of Business Administration from any of the emphasis areas.

  • Health Care Administration Emphasis (Online)

    The many changes in government laws and regulations, technology, societal needs, and insurance plans have created a large need for administrative and business education for health care professionals.

    MBA students pursuing the Health Care Administration Emphasis will take the four courses from the list below:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    HCAD 6190 (online only)

    Health Care Administration

    HCAD 6290 (online only)

    Health Care Policy

    HCAD 6390 (online only)

    Health Care Ethics & Law

    HCAD 6490 (online only)

    Health Care Budget & Finance

  • Innovation Management Emphasis (Campus & Online)

    Innovation has become a critical driver of business success in today’s economy.  Innovation can be defined as successfully implementing a new idea in an organization. Innovation can be based on new technology, but it can also simply be a new way of doing something. Innovation can take place anywhere - in new startup firms, established corporations, or nonprofit organizations. Students completing the Innovation Management emphasis will learn how to manage the process of innovation to create value in their organizations through new products, new processes, or new business models.

    The MBA Innovation Management Emphasis requires students to complete three courses from the list below plus one additional elective:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    BUAD 6610 (campus & online)

    Managing Innovation for Strategic Advantage

    BUAD 6710 (campus & online)

    Transforming Technology Organizations & Employees

    BUAD 6800 (campus & online)

    Entrepreneurship & New Ventures

    OPTM 6300 (online only)

    Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

  • Management Emphasis (Campus & Online)

    In today’s highly competitive global environment, a premium is placed on skilled managers who know how to motivate and lead people. This area of emphasis addresses these issues and other contemporary issues in management. Additionally, the changing roles of managers and leaders at management levels within the organization are explored. The Management emphasis also focuses on the development and maintenance of effective relationships between employers and employees.

    The MBA Management Emphasis requires students to complete three courses from the list below plus one additional MBA elective:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    MGMT 6200 (campus & online)

    Managing Organization Development, Change & Transformation

    MGMT 6300 (campus & online)

    Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

    MGMT 6400 (campus only)

    Legal Issues in Human Resources

    MGMT 6550 (campus only)

    Applied Principles of Negotiation and Conflict Management

    BUAD 6700 (campus & online)

    Service Management

  • Marketing Emphasis (Online)

    An effective marketing program is necessary for the success of any business organization. Through the marketing efforts of a firm, products and services are designed and delivered that maximize customer satisfaction. Students choosing the marketing area of emphasis may find exciting careers in such diverse fields as product management, professional selling, customer support, advertising, and marketing research. The marketing curriculum is designed to give the student hands-on marketing experience through applied classes and projects.

    The MBA Marketing emphasis requires students to complete three courses from the list below plus one additional MBA elective:

    Course Number (Online)

    Course Title

    MKTG 6400

    Service Marketing

    MKTG 6500

    IMC in the Digital Age

    MKTG 6700

    Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

    MKTG 6900

    International Marketing & Export Management

  • Project Management Emphasis (Online)

    The Project Management emphasis area prepares students to manage organizations that rely on projects for the achievement of goals.  The courses focus on approaches that improve project performance from the perspective of project team members, project managers, or functional managers who rely on projects for implementing new practices and addressing organizational change.    Graduates of the Project Management emphasis can pursue opportunities as project managers, project support managers, or traditional management careers as projects touch many aspects of organizational initiatives.

    The MBA Project Management emphasis requires students to complete three courses from the list below plus one additional MBA elective: 

    Course Number (online)

    Course Title

    OPTM 6300 (online only)

    Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

    OPTM 6590 (online only)

    Project Estimation & Risk Management

    OPTM 6690 (online only)

    Bridging Strategy & Tactics in Project Management

  • Sport Management Emphasis (Online)

    The Sport Management emphasis provides professionals with a strong business core focusing on leadership, strategic management, finance, and accounting together with a critical emphasis core addressing sport governance, sport development, sport marketing, revenue generation in sport, innovative organization behavior, sport law, and the ethical challenges in sport. The emphasis classes have been designed intentionally so that they are directly relevant to professionals who currently work in or have aspirations to work in Olympic and International Sport, professional sport, interscholastic and collegiate athletics, and youth sport and recreation. Ultimately, the program aims to equip professionals with the key managerial tools that will enhance their ability to seek entry into or promotion within the sport industry.

    MBA students pursuing the Sport Management Emphasis will take the four courses from the list below:

    Course Number

    Course Title

    SPTM 6000 (online only)

    The Global Governance and Development of Sport

    SPTM 6100 (online only)

    Sport Marketing and Revenue Generation

    SPTM 6200 (online only)

    Innovation Management in Sport Organizations

    SPTM 6300 (online only)

    Legal and Ethical Challenges in Sport