The R.O.A.R. program prepares undergraduate College of Business students for their transition from college to career. This program focuses on career exploration, career planning, professionalism, networking, and mentorship, and consists of three phases: Find your ROAR, Refine your ROAR, and Ready to ROAR. Students are required to complete the phases in succession along with additional career development events and internships as a graduation requirement.



ROAR Program

Phase 1: Find Your ROAR


Phase 1 provides students with an understanding of their interests, skills, and values and helps them identify potential career pathways. Through research and self-assessment, students will learn about various career opportunities in business and develop a career plan.

Phase 2: Refine Your ROAR

Interview Process

Phase 2 provides students with opportunities to confirm their desired career pathway. The confirmation process includes various industry panels, informational interviews, and industry tours. Students will also learn the basics of resume writing, interview preparation, and internship/job search to ensure they are ready for experiential learning opportunities. 

Phase 3: Ready to ROAR


Phase 3 connects students with an industry mentor to aid the transition from college to career. Students will engage in a variety of activities with their mentor to develop professionalism and networking skills.

What Students Will Learn


In-Depth Understanding
Hands-On Experience
Experiential Learning Opportunities
Professional Etiquette
Mentorship Opportunities
Successful Transition

Ongoing Professional Development Activities

  1. Resume Writing
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Professional Dress
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Networking
  6. Salary Negotiation
  7. Effective Communication
  8. Business Ethics
  9. Critical Thinking
  10. Job Applications
  11. Applicant Tracking Systems
  12. Technology and Software

R.O.A.R. Sponsors

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