BUAD 3100: Find Your ROAR

BUAD 3100: Find Your ROAR


Student Self-Assessment and Analysis

Through various surveys, students will be assessed on their strengths, skills, and career interests. They will perform analysis on the results and research possible career pathways that align with their findings.

Understanding the Career Planning Process

Students will gain valuable insight on how to use their strengths and interests to establish a career plan that will establish a roadmap for success, overcoming obstacles, networking, and developing their skills throughout their college career.

Identification of Viable Career Pathways

By using the results of their assessments and establishing a plan, students will explore career pathways that align to their values, and understand what steps to take in their academics, networking, and professional events to prepare for transition post-college.


  1. Online Personal and Career Assessments
  2. Guided Research on Career Pathways
  3. Informational Interviews, Industry Panels, and Company Tours
  4. Individual Meetings with Trained Career Coaches