Susan E. Davis, RN, MSN

Susan E. Davis, RN, MSN

Susan E. Davis, RN, MSN

Senior Instructor, Nursing, Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth El College of Nursing and Health Sciences [2017-2018]

Ethics Education Project

Launching a new course Fall 2017 entitled Ethical Decision Making in Nursing. This course will meet all of the learning outcomes and objectives of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI). Student learning will encompass tackling such ethical issues as end of life decisions, advance directives, living wills and other issues that are common in nursing today. Students will apply ethical principles and theories to these issues. This will also include becoming familiar with the Ethics committees in hospital organizations and their role in nurse/patient/doctor ethical issues and ethical decisions. This course is open to current undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students, accelerated nursing students and the RNBSN program which includes students from other campuses up and down the front range of Colorado as well as students from across the country.


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