Business Research Corner

(Editor's Note: This is the first in a monthly series highlighting the intersection of business and research. UCCS professors from its College of Business are available to answer pressing questions about business - from creating more productive employees to workforce development and retention. Have a business question? Put the UCCS professors to work. Send your question to editorial@csbj.comWe'll present questions with their answers the fourth Friday of every month.)

Buenos Aires
There are other important factors to consider when entering a new international market.
guy standing
Growing organizations can make intentional decisions about which opportunities to accept by paying attention to their strategy and strategic fit.
Hands together
How skilled a leader is at building high-performance teams is important to their organization's competitive advantage.
team building
Businesses need to understand how their response to the new law will impact customers. Managers also need tools to cope with rising labor costs that maintain service levels and increase customer satisfaction.
social responsibility
If done effectively, social and environmental efforts are not necessarily taxes on businesses, but profit-building strategies that create win-win situations.
sap performance
A performance dashboard provides managers with a tool to tackle information overload.
Gregory Stock
More often than not, the source of the problem is that the process has not been designed adequately to meet customer expectations.
Full range leadership
Managers and leaders must strive for high performance and simultaneously introduce potentially disruptive change.
business research corner
Professor Jeffery Ferguson contributes to the new College of Business column in the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Business Research Corner.

head in sand
Having difficult conversations to improve employee and work group performance is a necessity in today's competitive business environment.