Ethics Cases & Debates

Cases and Debates

Ethics Cases and Debates

Finding an ethics case or debate relevant to the students can be challenging. We provide original ethics cases and debates from our faculty and student generated cases and debates for use in the classroom.

Original Cases

Student-Generated Cases

  1. Topic: Responsible Business Ethics:  "Crafted Wood - Revival of a Dying Art" 
  2. Topic: Clothing Production Ethics: "Patagonia Clothing"
  3. Topic: International Finance Ethics: "Goldman Sachs: The Greek Situation"  
  4. Topic: Medical Ethics: "Legalizing the Sale of Human Organs" 

Student-Generated Debates

  1. Issue: Should the government regulate and cap the amount of compensation that CEO's receive, or leave it for the market to determine? Executive Compensation: Set by the Market or the Government? 
  2. Issue: Is Facebook violating user privacy with its new policy changes as a result of going public? Facebook: A Change for the Good or Hanging Users Out to Dry? 
  3. Issue: Should the government be able to regulate the products that gun manufacturers and retailers? Government Vs. Guns? 
  4. Issue: Should the NFL be responsible to pay for retired players' healthcare costs? NFL and Retirement Benefits? 
  5. Issue: Have labor unions become counterproductive "political" instruments who have outlived their value to the long-term detriment of U.S. labor and the economy? Labor Unions? 
  6. Issue: ERA Shields Real Estate has set a high standard for their community involvement. Are voluntary actions outside of profitability and mandated government and civil regulation a necessary part of a successful business? Corporate Social Responsibility: ERA Shields Real Estate Sets an Impeccable Standard 
  7. Issue:  Should BlackBerry have provided countries access to its encryption system? Blackberry's Encryption System