Astride Mukabagula BS '18, Transfer

Astride Mukabagula BS '19, Transfer

"I chose to transfer to UCCS because I believe in education."

Astride is is a refugee from the Congo who came to the United States in the pursuit of education. With a passion for helping others, Astride transferred from Pikes Peak Community College to UCCS to continue her education in accounting in the hopes of starting her own business, a non-profit and supporting her family.

  • Why did you transfer to UCCS?

    Before I answer this question I would like to give a brief explanation about my background. I come from many different places and I have lived in several countries where I was given the opportunity to learn multiple languages and gain different cultural perspectives. When I came to America, it was not hard to adopt to this great culture. The history of the United States is influenced by a variety of different cultures, so I feel very lucky to be living in this diverse nation. I believe we are stronger as one and we can accomplish our goals and achieve almost anything if we work together.

    I chose to transfer to UCCS because I believe in education, and that is why I decided to put myself in school. I started at Pikes Community College because it was cheaper and I could get help when needed. In addition, Pikes Peak Community College had students I could relate to, which gave a sense of belonging. Later, I chose UCCS for the same reasons I chose to attend PPCC. UCCS has an excellent accounting program that offered quality resources to succeed, but I also wanted attend a school where I could be successful and have opportunities to grow in my chosen field. UCCS provided that environment for me.

  • Why did you choose to study Accounting?

    When I was 15 years old, I used to own my own jewelry boutique. I enjoyed being exposed to the freedom of making my own business decisions without anyone else's help. I loved the interaction that I had with people while running my business. It was exciting to think about possible investing approaches and I loved seeing my business grow. Furthermore, my business was able to provide financial support for my family.

    I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I chose accounting with the hope that one day it will further my goals of owning my own accounting firm or business. Accounting is a really marketable degree and I can use it almost anywhere - and it pays well.

  • What is your favorite part about studying in the College of Business?

    I love the UCCS College of Business program because it has great resources and the faculty and staff truly help and support their students. Since I started school at UCCS, I have had great teachers who care about my success. They have helped me network, find new opportunities and have invested extra time in my education and future goals. I am very thankful our business professors. They truly care.

  • What do you do for fun?

    I study for fun but I will go to the movies with my friends when I have the time.

  • What do you love about Colorado Springs?

    I love Colorado because of its mountains and it has beautiful views. I also love the weather.

  • What are your career aspirations?

    I want to have own my business so that I can help my family and support people that need help. I want to help my own family achieve a higher level of education because it makes me happy knowing that I can help reshape my family's history. I also would like to start a non-profit to help foster children by supporting their transition out of the system and into independent living.

  • How is UCCS helping to make those aspirations a reality?

    UCCS is helping me receive my undergraduate degree. UCCS is also helping me prepare for the workplace through a variety of networking activities and career resources.

  • What would you tell someone who is considering UCCS for college?

    UCCS is a great school that has all the resources to help you achieve your goals.