Jayden Bruun BS '18, PGA Golf Management

Jayden Bruun BS '18, PGA Golf Management

"UCCS is the reason I have what I need to reach my goals. I couldn’t have done this at a better accredited business school with a PGA Golf Management Program."

Jayden is a graduate of the PGA Golf Management program here at the UCCS College of Business. Coming from a small town in South Dakota, he knew UCCS was the right fit to pursue a career in golf. 

  • Why did you choose UCCS?

    I wanted to pick a school away from home so I could get a real college experience. I heard about UCCS from a flyer I got in the mail and saw the PGA Golf Management Program. After my visit and learning more about the College of Business and the program I knew it was where I wanted to go.

  • Why did you choose to study PGA Golf Management?

    I chose to pursue a BS in Business with an emphasis in Service Management my junior year because it fit well with my career plan once I finished the PGA Golf Management Program. I would like to end up at a high-end golf facility and one day own my own golf shop.

  • What is your favorite part about the PGA Golf Management program? The College of Business?

    My favorite thing about studying in the College of Business is the small class sizes. Professors know my name and take an interest in my success. It makes studying a lot easier when I know I can go to the professors for help if I need it.

  • What types of clubs and activities are you involved in?

    I have poured a lot of my free time into the PGA Golf Management Club on campus. It is what I came to UCCS for and I wanted to focus on it so I could be a strong golf professional by graduation. 

  • What are your career aspirations?

    In the short-term, I would like to do a good job on my final internship for the PGA Golf Management program and hopefully turn that position into my first job after graduation. Long-term, I would like to end up as a Head Golf Professional at a golf club with a fun member-base because working 50-60 hours/week should be enjoyable! 

  • How is UCCS helping to make those aspirations a reality?

    UCCS is the reason I have what I need to reach my goals. I couldn’t have done this at a better accredited business school with a PGA Golf Management Program. My degree felt like it was tailored for me and I can use it even if my plans change in the future.

  • What do you do for fun?

    For fun I like to play golf (shocking) and I also play guitar when I’m home.

  • What do you love about Colorado Springs?

    My favorite thing about Colorado Springs has been watching the campus grow at UCCS. This school has exploded since I got here in 2014 and watching the growth has been really cool. I also enjoy being able to go to University Village Center and get lunch or run errands between classes.

  • What would you tell someone who is considering UCCS for college?

    I would highly recommend UCCS for its academic programs, of course, but I would also recommend it because it is a good fit for a wide variety of students. I came to Colorado Springs from a town of 2,500 people and my high school graduating class was made up of 45 students in total. I was very used to small class sizes and the ability to know my teachers in high school and also my professors at UCCS made the transition to a new state much easier.