Mentorship Program

R.O.A.R. Mentorship Program

Alumni & friends preparing students to enter the workforce with confidence.

The R.O.A.R. Mentorship Program provides alumni and friends with the opportunity to impart their skills and experiences to UCCS College of Business students in order to prepare them to enter the workforce as confident, competent and ethical professionals. The course, BUAD 3300, is the final phase of the R.O.A.R. program.

Topics Covered

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Informational Interviews
  4. Work/Life Harmony
  5. Resume Review
  6. Career Development Events
  7. Career Workshops
  8. Career Transition
  9. Networking Skills
  10. Real Industry Knowledge

Program Details

  • Program Structure

    The R.O.A.R. mentorship program is a one-credit hour course that will be taken as the final R.O.A.R. class in the series.  The course will be offered each fall and spring semester.  Students will need approval before enrolling to make sure they meet the course requirements.  Once enrolled students will be matched with a mentor in their industry of interest.  Student/mentor matches will be announced in August for the fall semester and in January for the spring semester.  Over the course of the semester students will be required to meet with their mentor for four, one-hour meetings in addition to the coursework.  


  • Program Support

    Gifts to the program are welcome at any time, in any amount.  

    To contribute, please send your gift to the CU Foundation via an online transaction or mailed check. Be sure to designate your gift to the "UCCS COB Alumni Program Fund." Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Background

    Our alumni, who are professionally successful across many industries, can offer information and insights to help "bridge the gap" between the classroom and workplace. The R.O.A.R. Mentorship Program has been designed to equip graduating students with the help of an alumnus or professional community member serving as a mentor.

    The mentor's role is to inspire, inform, guide, encourage, and support his or her student during this transitional period with help from our structured course material.

    The goal is for the mentors and students to form reciprocal, trusting, and fruitful relationships in order to share industry information, personal experiences, and networking tips that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

    Overall, the R.O.A.R. Mentorship Program will offer an opportunity for professional development, networking, and an exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and students in the UCCS College of Business, the next generation of leaders.

  • Resources

    A Mentor Guidebook containing helpful information on each of the course topics and assignments has been created specifically for this program and is given to each mentor at the beginning of the semester to assist in their meetings with their student mentee.  In addition to the mentor guidebook, we also offer an opportunity for our new mentors to meet with a long-time mentor to discuss their experiences and strategies for mentoring in the program.


For more information on the program, please contact Katie Burns of the College of Business at 719-255-5174 or