International Business Seminars

Register with the Office of International Affairs

Enrollment requires an initial application with the Office of International Affairs, followed by an online application with IBS as well as registration for the undergraduate (INTB4610/INTB 4611/INTB 4612) or graduate (INTB 6990/INTB 6991/INTB 6992) course that you will take at UCCS.

To begin the online enrollment process with IBS, start your registration with the Office of International Affairs. The Office of International Affairs has agreed to postpone their $50 application fee until after a student has made their final decision. Therefore, you are able to start your application without committing to any fees. 


Register Now

If you're interested in applying for a seminar, click on the link below and fill out the application and go only up to the point of payment. Once you make your final decision, you will pay the $50 fee.

Enroll with IBS

Although IBS may list a registration deadline for each seminar, the real deadline for registration is when the seminar is full or when arranging logistics is no longer feasible. Seminars can (and do) fill up. Therefore, if you are serious about attending a seminar, you should send in your deposit as soon as possible to hold your place.

ALSO - Make sure you pay the full amount of the seminar by the deadline set by IBS - otherwise you may lose your place to someone on their waiting list.


Enroll Now

To register with IBS click the link below to be directed to the appropriate IBS web portal.  A deposit is required to hold your space on a seminar trip.