Masters Degree FAQs


Master's Degree FAQs

How many hours are required for the MBA degree?
How many hours are required for the MSA degree?
What should I include in my Goal Statement?
What if my GMAT/GRE or GPA is below average?
Is there a minimum GPA requirement for admission?
What are the school codes for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs?
What are the admission requirements for the program?
My undergraduate degree was not in business. Can I still apply to the MBA?
Are the MBA and MSA programs accredited?
What is the average completion time for the MBA or MSA degree?
What is the maximum amount of time I have to complete the degree?
For the MBA, can I take courses both on-campus and online?
Do you accept transfer credits from other MBA or MSA programs?
How much does the MBA or MSA program cost?
Do you offer career services?
What do I need to know before I apply?