MBA Electives

MBA Electives

Course Number

Course Title

ACCT 6010

Seminar: Financial Accounting Theory

ACCT 6200

Internal Auditing

ACCT 6510

Accounting Ethics & Institutions 

ACCT 6600


ACCT 6620

Advanced Auditing

ACCT 6710

Individual Income Tax

ACCT 6720

Corporate & Partnership Taxation

ACCT 6730

Introduction to Accounting Systems

ACCT 6740

Accounting for Governments & Not-For-Profit-Organizations

ACCT 6750

Advanced Financial Accounting

ACCT 6770

Federal Tax Research and Planning

BUAD 6300

Digital Business Strategy & Growth

BUAD 6610

Managing Innovation for Strategic Advantage

BUAD 6700

Service Management

BUAD 6710

Transforming Technology Organizations & Employees

BUAD 6800

Entrepreneurship & New Ventures

CYSM 6100

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Technologies

CYSM 6200

Enterprise Information Security

CYSM 6300

Cybersecurity Governance

CYSM 6400

Cybersecurity Law and Cybercrime Investigation

FNCE 6100

Problems & Policies in Financial Management

FNCE 6200

Investment Management & Analysis

FNCE 6400

International Financial Management

FNCE 6500

Monetary Policy and Domestic/Global Business Cycle

HCAD 6190

Health Care Administration

HCAD 6290

Health Care Economics & Policy

HCAD 6390

Health Care Ethics & Law

HCAD 6490

Health Care Budget & Finance

INTB 6100

Managing in Global Markets

INTB 6990

Regional Business Environment Europe (short term study abroad)

INTB 6991

Regional Business Environment Asia (short term study abroad)

INTB 6992

Regional Business Environment Southeast Asia (short term study abroad)

INTB 6993

Global Business (short term study abroad; various destinations)

INTB 6994

Regional Business Environment Australia (short term study abroad)

MGMT 6200

Managing Organization Development, Change, & Transformation

MGMT 6300

Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

MGMT 6400

Legal Issues in Managing Human Resources

MGMT 6550

Applied Principles of Negotiation & Conflict Management

MKTG 6300

Marketing Analytics

MKTG 6400

Service Marketing

MKTG 6500

IMC in the Digital Age

MKTG 6700

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

MKTG 6900

International Marketing & Export Management

OPTM 6100

Customer-Focused Process: Quality Management & Metrics

OPTM 6200

Global Supply Chain Management

OPTM 6300

Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

OPTM 6450

Service Operations: Design, Delivery and Analytics

OPTM 6590

Project Estimation & Risk Management

OPTM 6690

Bridging Strategy & Tactics in Project Management

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